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About  Andy W Langton

A British born photographer and painter who draws upon an artists interpretation of a scene or portrait when creating images to vividly convey the world around us.

Memory & Actuality - Singapore

Solo Exhibition of photography and oil on canvas at the Old Parliament Building, Singapore. Held between 14th and 17th June 2012 it showcased a retrospective from the previous 5 years including work from Europe, Russia, China and South America.


Memory & Actuality - New York

Solo Exhibition of photography from the Singapore exhibition. Held in Williamsburg, New York, 5th September 2012.


ImaginAsian People & Places - Singapore

Solo Exhibition of photography at ION Art, ION Orchard, Singapore. Held between 27th March and 2nd April 2013.

One of the largest solo photography exhibitions to be seen in Singapore over recent years, the exhibition was a collection of over 60 stunning and captivating photographic images from around Asia.

The range of work included intimate portraits, vibrant street scenes and landscapes spanning all aspects of life around the region.

Specialising in people and their surroundings, the desire to seek out diverse people and cultures resulted in assignments capturing a unique and personal view of the world’s most remarkable people and places.


Strength for Life - London


Age International and The Guardian newspaper ‘Strength For Life’ photography exhibition.

St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London. Held between 29th September and 31st October 2016.

A month long exhibition showcasing a series of striking images taken by Andy W Langton, award winning Guardian photographer David Levene and Robin Bath to document and celebrate the International Day of Older People.

To find out more about commissioning Andy or to purchase limited edition prints email or call +44 7543 041 831


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